Srilankan Hope For Children

Srilankan Hope For Children

School trips, nice playgrounds and education seem to be so common in the life of many children. Unfortunately, not every child is granted the opportunity to develop as they should in Sri Lanka. The Dutch foundation Srilankan Hope For Children is committed to helping schools and homes to improve the quality of life of children by investing in education, shelters and toys. Children should have the right to be given the opportunity to shape their future, to have dreams and to get inspired by positivity. Why would not these chances be granted to them?

The LC Supports Foundation decided to support Srilankan Hope For Children by donating €5,000 euros in 2017.
In 2016 LC Packaging has funded the following initiatives:

  • School trips for the Udugoda Junior School.
  • Playground equipments
    such as hammock chairs, slides and a climbing rack for the Meegammana School as well as the Kingima playground.
  • Computers, teaching materials, furniture and toys
  • Transportation between the children their home and school (activities)

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