Green Berets – War on Waste

[This project has ended]

South Africa is plagued by a lack of job creation opportunities and pollution, which affects both the environment and the living conditions of many communities. At this very moment, South Africa experiences over 48% unemployment between the age of 15 and 34 and in Johannesburg, thousands of people live, litter and pollute the streets.

To combat the socio-economic issues in South Africa and in an attempt to fight the war on waste, The LC Supports Foundation has started a partnership with the South African Green Berets.

Green Berets
The Green Berets Foundation aims to educate youngsters and create jobs and environmental careers. They partake in a so-called “Hygiene & Cleaning Learnership” which provides a structured learning environment facilitated by Signa Academy.  A crucial part to the success of the learnership is the practical experience which will take the form of the Green Berets cleaning up urban areas, initially around Johannesburg, then extending to other cities around South Africa. Watch video.

The LC Supports Foundation now sponsors five so-called ‘Green Berets’ who partake in this traineeship with the ultimate goal to become recycling and waste specialists; starting their own business to provide employment and helping to clean the streets of Joburg.

The goals of the collaboration between The LC Supports Foundation and Green Berets are:

  • To contribute to the skills development of the youth
  • To raise awareness with regards to waste
  • To decrease pollution in South Africa
  • Receiving Income/ Community Economic Development
  • Alleviation of Poverty and Unemployment.

Green Heart donation
In 2018 we raised €474 via our Green Heart Campaign. This money was spent on a field trip for our ‘Green Berets’, where they were introduced to different companies to expand their network and learn more about how to start their own business.