Waste pickers of Dhaka

Waste-picking in Bangladesh is the occupation of the poorest of the poor.. In the Matuail Dumping Site in Dhaka City, there are over 2,500 waste-pickers picking through a 3,000 metric tons of waste deposited each day. They are exposed to unhygienic conditions, toxic fumes and injury from sharp objects and machinery and their lack of skills, discrimination and dire poverty means waste-picking is their only mean of survival.

The LC Supports Foundation wants to break this circle and give the waste-pickers a chance for a better live. Together with Grambangla and ChildHope UK, LC Packaging and our local FIBC production location Dutch-Bangla Pack Ltd, have developed a skill development training program for the waste pickers in Matuail Dumping Site, so that they can employ themselves in decent work sectors.

In 2018, 40 waste-pickers  between the age of 17-24 years old, will become a trainee for sewing trade for at least six months and afterwards will be appointed to our SA 8000 certified, LC Packaging factory. Here they will be employed, receive a fair wage, health care and enjoy normal working hours in a nice, safe and clean working environment. They can make money for themselves and their families and can send their children to school.

2018 will be the trial year of the project. If this turns out to be a success, we will continue this program for many years to come.